Let’s Hear it for Marina Rinaldi!

Thank goodness for Marina Rinaldi.  While the trend for many retailers has been to transition plus size clothing to online only, Marina Rinaldi’s brick and mortar stores allows shoppers to revel in touching and trying on gorgeous clothing in beautiful luxe fabrics. The new season was revealed Saturday along with champagne and nibbles.   The collection… Continue reading Let’s Hear it for Marina Rinaldi!


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High Heels, My Downfall

“I can safely say I understand shoe obsession.  But “understand” barely scratches the surface of what I mean to convey.  I love shoes, adore shoes, can feel elated by shoes…the many colors, textures, shapes…well, it’s all so intoxicating.  But even so, I cannot understand when a woman says she feels “empowered” by a multi-story heel.… Continue reading High Heels, My Downfall