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Help! I Have Severe Eileen Fisheritis!

It started many years ago.  I’d flown to Chicago for a wedding. I’d managed the packing, got the right flight, travel to the airport was a breeze, even the flight arrived early. Only trouble was, I was in Chicago but my bag was not. Instead of freaking out, making numerous calls to the airline and the airport, I decided to let things work themselves out.  I knew that sooner or later my bag would be found and returned to me.  I had the afternoon free and decided to shop for a replacement wedding outfit.  I knew I wanted something that would have multiple uses, could transition with my wardrobe  and not be costly.  After all, this was not a shopping expedition I had anticipated.  I went to the old Marshall Fields and after browsing for what seemed ages and growing tired, I spotted a greenish/yellowish jacket.  I know, that reading the color description, the jacket sounds hideous, but it wasn’t. Really. The yellow was picked up in the light, and seemed to shimmer on the jacket, yet it was not gaudy in the least.  The jacket hit about mid-thigh.  It was made of a cottony, linen fabric with a bit of stretch to it. On the hanger, it looked large, boxy and shapeless, but once on, wearing it, it seemed to take on a life of its own.  It billowed slightly, it moved with me, it looked great. And, as luck would have it, it was on sale!  And so I bought, without having any awareness of the brand, my first Eileen Fisher piece.  What I bought to wear under the jacket is long forgotten, but that jacket was a perennial favorite until it was lost in a move.

That was the jacket that spawned an Eileen Fisher eruption in my closet.  One purchase led to another.  Everything looked so darned good with everything else.  Pieces are similar, but just different enough to warrant purchasing. If that long, silk tunic dress looks good in bone, perhaps one in black would round out the wardrobe.  But, then again, there’s another one, just slightly shorter with an asymmetrical hemline.  Boxy, knit sweaters? Yes, please.  Long dusters? But of course! Blue? Black? Ivory? One of each for each mood! Why be limited? Linen or wool? Why not one of each? We can let the weather dictate!

Even now, loaded with Eileen Fisher tees and slacks, jeans, skirts, tunics and jackets, am I bored by the brand? Hell, no! I love that getting dressed has become easy and simplified.  Did I stop thinking about what to wear and how to wear it? No, it just means that I no longer spend tons of times trying things on that don’t work well together.  I can easily incorporate something with print or color from another label, knowing that Eileen Fisher pieces build a good solid framework for adding on.  Or, for simple understatement, Eileen Fisher works great all on its own.




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