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Look What I Just Got…Neiman Marcus Pink Leather Moto Jacket

I don’t know what it is …spring, perhaps, but lately I have craving pink like crazy.  This is so out of the ordinary for me.  I’m usually in black, grey, blue, white, ecru, you know…all the usual suspects.  But now I’m smitten with pale pink. So, boy, was I ever happy to find this light, feminine looking motor cycle style jacket on sale at Neiman Marcus.  The only downside is that it is back ordered.  I could do with a fresher course in patience.  But I am so ready to wear it with this Uniqlo Liberty print dress.  I think these two will pair well.  And with these Vince sandals I’m ready to go! Look What I Just Got...Neiman Marcus Pink Leather Moto Jacket


Neiman Marcus leather motorcycle jacket
$285 –

Uniqlo balconette bra
$36 –

Vince leather sandals
$240 –

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