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Summertime Travel Shoes: All Day Comfort

Summer time travel can be hot! And if your travel plans will have you on your feet and walking and walking for a good portion of the day then you want a shoe that can get you where you’re going without a second thought.  Sandals are generally a good option, and there are loads of styles that can work with dresses, skirts, jeans or other pants.  Some can do double duty from touring by day to an evening out.  In general, for anything other than a beach or resort type of vacation, you will probably want to shy away from flip flop styles or anything too minimal.  Often these types of sandals don’t offer enough support to walk miles and miles. The heat, though I hate to say it, may contribute to swelling, so we also want to avoid thin strapy things that might end up digging into your foot.  Look instead for wider straps, and with a buckle at the back.  The back strap will help keep the sandal firmly on your foot without your needing to grab on with your toes. For light walking, this is not a bad thing, but after the five mile mark, or the third hour on your feet….uh uh.
Look, too, for a cushy yet supportive footbed.  Something that gives, with a gentle spring yet has a strong enough foundation. I am a fan of Gentle Souls and Kork Ease. These brands have many styles and colors in the flat, low heel and wedge varieties. (I don’t really have to warn against high heels here? Do I?) The Tevas are much more casual, but also super comfortable.  The Cole Haan Oxford style and the Adidas are good options when you fear having your toes trampled or when you’re exploring an area where sandals just won’t do.  The Birkenstocks are the exception to the rule about the strap at the heel.  These sandals stay put. Mephisto, too, are a wonderful, comfortable sandal, but at a higher price point.
          FYI-I have worn these shoes and they have passed the test on my finicky feet.  My vacation walking distance average is 10 miles per day.  Happy Trails!
Summertime Travel Shoes: All Day Comfort


Cole Haan wingtip shoes

Mephisto wedge sandals
$155 –

Kork-Ease kork ease shoes

Adidas Originals canvas sneaker
$90 –

Teva shoes


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