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Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, Summer 2016…Eileen Fisher and Lafayette 148 Again!

Okay, I admit it.  I do look forward to Nordstrom’s Anniversary Sale.  In past years it’s been a good opportunity for me to get the coming season’s items at a discount without waiting till the holiday sales.  I like to use Nordstrom to bolster my steady, tried and true pieces, you know, the bits that can be used in multiple outfits, such as Eileen Fisher silk tank tops, leggings, sweaters, etc.  But the real draw for me is, no surprise, the shoes.

I scoured and scoured their website, but found nothing I liked that I didn’t already have.  Yes, I love the boots and the ankle boots, but these are such perennials that my closet is stocked with them in multiple variations of heel height and color.

Hey, don’t judge me! Yes, I freely admit I am a shoeaoholic.  But still, one of the perks of being 50 plus years is a burgeoning closet.  One of the perks of living in California, besides the weather, the beaches, the mountains, the vibrant culture, is that our our shoes last!  We drive to take a walk and we don’t have months of rain and snow to destroy our footwear.  So, my closet is a time capsule of shoes.  And, yes, it’s true, if you can hang on to long enough, the style will come back again!

In the last few years, in addition to boots, I’ve happily been wearing sneakers in the Van’s slip- on style, Superga, Gentle Souls sandals, Korkease, and men’s style Oxfords from The Office of Angela Scott and Paul Smith.  And then, in the sale, I bought a blue dress from Lafayette 148 which brought on a dressy shoe attack.  Suddenly I was struck by a desire to wear a pair of “grown-up” shoes.  Lafayette dress

My low-heeled pumps suddenly seemed all too matronly when paired with this dress.  Yes, the booties the dress is styled with in the photo work, but I felt I wanted something, well, different.  And then I found these Eileen Fisher chunky heeled pumps:Eileen Fisher Shoe

Eileen Fisher to the rescue again.  These are modern, dressy, and yes, grown-up without being fussy or matronly.  And they are comfortable.  So I welcome a new shoe, and maybe a new direction in my styling.  It’s funny how one piece leads to another.


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