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Oh, My Docs!

doc martensOh, I know Docs aren’t for everyone, but before you rule them out completely, stop…and think…are you someone who wears engineer style boots a la Stuart Weitzman or Cole Haan or Ugg?

Well, if you say “Yes” to any of the above or styles similar to them, then reconsider the Doc Martens.  floral docsThey are comfortable, sturdy, supportive and some styles are waterproof.  They come in so many colors, styles and motifs.  Their new style is inspired by Blakedoc martens_blake  Blake comes in boots, shoes and handbags.


For so many years I eschewed the boots and shoes of my youth, but entering my fifth decade, it’s time to reconsider.  Our lifestyle changes can be celebrated in style.  This is a time for dressing for oneself, when we are free of dressing for a role.  In our thirties and forties we might hear the critical voice saying these boots are “too young” or “it’s time to grow up.” But we know, we are not trying to fool anyone about our age.  We are who we are and we got here proudly.  Let’s reward ourselves with expressive, yet comfortable, footwear that will keep us going all day long…and it style.

glitter docs

Doc Martens! I’m all in!


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